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Commercial Locksmith Services

Due to our long time in the industry, we are familiar with repairing locks at commercial properties. In addition to offering a solution to the most common lock issues you will find in your office, we also know some of the most common lock problems. You can get in touch with us if you need a commercial locksmith near me or if you need a commercial locksmith to remove locks from a commercial setting.

Our commitment to quality has never been compromised and we promise to maintain our legacy. With our company, you have access to the very best and finest commercial locksmiths who are highly trained and experienced.

We are Completely Dedicated to the Safety and Security of Your Business

We offer a full range of commercial locksmith solutions for offices to meet all your needs, regardless of size or complexity. We can provide you with the best commercial locksmith service available without hassle or concern. In addition to setting up a master key system, we can provide you with solutions to turbocharge security within your business or firm.


Commercial locksmith service issues are no problem for Bates Lock & Garage. Providing quality locksmith service in no time has been our mission for years now. 

If you own a business or operate in any commercial setting, we are highly specialized in all kinds of lock repair services. We can solve your problems as quickly as possible with the help of our team of professionals and experts. Providing effective solutions for lock problems professionally and at a cost-effective pace is one of our locksmith service provider’s specialities across the city. 

With a commitment to providing customers with the very best in quality services, we have won the hearts of people for years. In our role as commercial locksmiths, we understand what maintenance requirements you require. Our team is very professional and honest at work! 

In addition to providing above and beyond standard commercial locksmith services, our team can make it easy for you to reach us. Want to schedule an appointment? Call us today

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