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Brookfield Access Control Security Systems

Our customers in Brookfield can always count on us to provide the greatest warranties, the best response time, and the lowest prices.  It is possible to order access control systems in many different styles, sizes, and shapes. In order to determine which system would be best for your Brookfield home or business, our team is highly trained in the latest tools and techniques.

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There is no doubt that using a keypad or pin to access an area is the cheapest and easiest method of restricting access. Smart cards or fingerprint recognition systems, however, maximize security and ensure an upgraded system. Credentials are typically made up of three types: something the user knows, such as a password or pin, something the user has, such as a smart card or fob, and something the user is, such as a fingerprint, voice recognition, or biometric scan.


Among the lowest levels of security exists a stand-alone electronic lock. After the appropriate credentials are provided, either an operator or a guard can unlock it. A keypad or a card reader could automate this process by sending a code to an automated system and allowing access if it is correctly read. The same credential, be it a code, card, or fingerprint, would be used at the exit point and verify entry and exit access. 

Bates Lock & Garage in Brookfield can provide access control security points that can include doors, turnstiles, gates, elevators, or other physical barriers to control access. It is most commonly a door with several components implementing several elements in order to prevent unauthorized access to a building.


Semi-intelligent readers have both input and output functionality to control door hardware (e.g., lock, exit button, etc.) but do not have the ability to authorize entry or deny it. Power interruptions or disconnections will result in the system not working.

Generally, the security level offered by an access control door and lock system in Brookfield is defined by the type of security it offers; basic readers read a card or a pin and then allow or deny access based on it being read by the automated system. This type of access control door locking system in Brookfield offers basic protection and should only be used when a greater level of protection isn’t necessary.


There are readers that may have additional features such as an LCD and function buttons (such as time-clocking in and out), a camera, speaker, and microphone for intercom, and the ability to read/write smart cards. This type of access control is the most expensive but offers the highest level of security. Biometric and fingerprint scanners fall under this category. As with the semi-intelligent reader, these units have both input and output to control the door hardware, but they are also capable of making independent decisions regarding access.

All our door and lock access control services in Brookfield come with an extensive warranty in case the need should arise for us to come and fix any issue.

Having a reliable and trustworthy locksmith

You can order any type of door or lock access control system in Brookfield, whether you want something small or something extensive.  To ensure the safety of your home or business, you need an access control technician in Brookfield who is reliable and trustworthy. We offer a wide range of products for our expert team of mobile locksmiths.